Sunday, February 14, 2010

Garuda Armani

Garuda Armani - Armani T-shirt or rather Garuda labeled shirts Armani Exchange (A | X) which displays an image similar to T-Bird Garuda dibagian Effendi was assessed by two berebeda perspective. Could be insulting and also as a token of appreciation.

"It could be two meanings, to harass or appreciate, but we take a positive course, important, do not use obscene," Effendi said the House of Representatives, Tuesday, January 26, 2010.

Gus Choi, so familiar call, saying the use of the maximum state symbol is very good. But he urged people not to use the state emblem in subversive actions.

Effendi also expect similar design Garuda election is not a protest from the designer at design house Armani Exchange. "It could be an Armani shirt Garuda was part of a protest to us. But it matters the Foreign Ministry to maintain the good name of Indonesia abroad," said Effendi.

Armani T-shirts crowded Garuda discussed in several forums in Indonesia, earlier this week. Armani Exchange party itself states that the image of Garuda birds are attached to the shirt is a military version of eagle.

The similarities with the Armani eagle Garuda military not only in terms of shape, but also the details. Two birds had the same 17 feathers on the wing, eight tail feathers, and a total of 45 hairs on the body.

Besides fur, eagle shield on his chest is also reminiscent of the Armani shield in bird Garuda. Figure head bull and banyan trees there on the model's Armani T-shirt to change into the letter X and A.

While the image of rice and cotton are attached to the Model T still faintly visible. Fig star pentagon Armani maintained.

Eagle emblem on the front of the shirt, also facing the same direction as the official symbol of Indonesia. But the eagle on the back of the shirt, facing the opposite position.

Kaos provided in three colors namely white, black, and navy. Images printed in the screening emerged. The material used is 100 percent cotton and fitting body.

Now, Armani T-shirt with a picture of Garuda Garuda Pancasila like it was missing from the official page of Armani Exchange. Not yet known whether the Armani Exchange attractive design.

Page Armani Exchange said that the requested page no longer exists. They invite the visitor to choose a shirt similar goods "Military Eagle 'sought.

Armani Exchange is one of the Italian designer's product line, Giorgio Armani. It was founded in 1991 in the United States with a market share of young people.